Neustarr T6036 Track Conveyor

  • Neustarr T6036 Track Conveyor


Neustarr provide a range of track and wheel mounted conveyors designed to eliminate double handling of material, reduce material segration and high maintenace / labor costs associated. Utilized across a variety of applications such as aggregate, quarry, sand & gravel, mulch, topsoil etc


  • Eliminates double handling of material
  • Reduces segration and stockpile contamination
  • Reduce fuel, maintenace & labor costs by 80%
  • Variable stockpile height
  • 50hp CAT C2.2 Diesel Engine
  • Hydraulic head & tail fold
  • Electric automation controls c/w dog lead
  • Large hopper target area
  • Galvanised tresle with variable feed & discharge height


Weight lbs
Transport Length 39' 5"
Transport Width 7' 8"
Transport Height 8" 6"
Discharge Height 27'
Stockpile Capacity 750yd3
Conveyor Size 60' x 36"

* head section folded