Going Green with a Neuenhauser Star Screen

  • Neuenhauser 2F Electric Star Screen

Confined working space, and the new legislation on ‘green’ machine propelled Neuenhauser to provide an electric solution for their hugely popular Star Screen.

AXPO operates a fermentation plant which converts organic waste to electrical energy and high quality compost.

The previous screening process was highly complex and required the material to be screened multiple times to achieve clean separation.  The operation spanned across a huge footprint area both in and outside of the main process facility.  This led to reduced working area and pollution through dust and noise of the equipment processing outside.

The electrically driven 2 Fraction Star Screen proved the ultimate solution – a compact mobile machine which could produce the desired product and tonnage in a single pass and was electrically driven thus reducing noise and dust pollution.

The star Screen range are available in 2 or 3 Fraction machines and wheel or track driven.